Magic School

with Jordan Lydia

Are you seeking spiritual counsel for your life, love, health, wealth, relationships, or purpose? Do you want to access your innate supernatural power to perform magic, miracles, and manifestations in your own life?

I, Jordan Lydia, firmly believe that EVERYONE is absolutely limitless and has the ability to perform miracles for yourself and your loved ones!

You don’t need to be a victim of your past; you can transcend your limitations and rise up a prophet or prophetess of your world!

Let me help guide you through the dimensions to a limitless and supernatural life! 


What is Magic or Kamasavayita?

It’s the highest yogi siddhi or mystic power, which is magic. The power of Kamasavayita, the ability to perform magic, miracles, manifestations; either through the natural world or the mystical miraculous realm.

The subconscious is the root and source of ALL manifestations in the conscious world of creation. The conscious mind can be used to recreate, reform, and resurrect the subconscious mind – allowing access to a life of limitless possibilities and limitless dimensions.


The language of the subconscious is imagination: symbols, shapes, and imagery. 4D divination tools such as tarot readings, spell work, scripting, intentions, incantations, visualizations, and rituals are used to focus the conscious mind to access the subconscious. These tools allow the 5D world of imagination to shift the 3D reality!


Conscious Creation Collaboration

Create your limitless and supernatural life!

"The Prophetess"

Conscious Creation Online Session


Support the "speaking into existence" anything your heart desires (life, love, health, wealth, relationships or purpose, etc.)

-30-Minute 1:1 Online Collaboration

-Link to Video Recording of Session

"The Creatrix"

Conscious Creation Emails


-Support the "speaking into existence" anything your heart desires (life, love, health, wealth, relationships or purpose, etc.)

-5 Emails 

"The Sorceress"

Tarot, Reiki, Spellwork, and Conscious Creation


Access Your Inner Powers! Delve into the subconscious mind to shift the mental blocks stopping you from being able create the life, love, or world you desire!

-30-Minute Tarot Reading (Online or In-Person)

-Photo of the Tarot Spread

-30-Minute Reiki Session or Long Distance Reiki


-10-Minute Conscious Creation Collaboration

-Link to Video Recording of Session


Tarot & Spellwork

Mystical Offerings in the Occult!

"The Crescent Moon"

Online Tarot Reading


-30-Minute Online Reading

-Photo of Tarot Spread

-Link to Video Recording of Session

"The Full Moon"

In-Person Tarot Reading


-30-Minute In-Person Reading

-Photo of Tarot Spread

-Audio Recording

"The Lunar Witch"



Spells operate through the power of suggestion. Request a spell to support your intention life, love, health, wealth, relationships, or purpose, etc. Spellwork can also be performed for purifying and protecting physical spaces. 

Spellwork is performed on the New Moon and the Full Moon. 

"The Coven"

Group Gatherings


Invite the Love Sorceress, Jordan Lydia, as a tarot reader for your gathering, event, or party!

Full Cobra.jpg

Yoga & Energy

Work with a Yoga Champion!

"The Goddess"



-33 Minute In-Person or Remote Reiki Session


"The Triple Goddess"

Private Yoga Session


-1-hour Online or In-Person Private Yoga Session 

-Transform your health or unlock your dream postures!

-Link to Video Recording of Session


About Jordan Lydia

Jordan Lydia began dream-playing with the 4D divination tools during a intense life transition - looking for guidance and inspiration – her mind began to fill with wonder as the universe played with her, unveiling: themes, archetypes, images, and symbols from her cards into the 3D material world.  

spiritual alchemist, clairaudient, intuitive, lunar-sea witch, Reiki practitioner; Jordan Lydia combines the occult and spiritual realm – with her extensive study of art history, humanities, philosophy, archival science, religious studies, literature, psychology, yoga, and Eastern healing practices. This allows her to fully illuminate the rich esoteric symbolism of the subconscious available through the divination tool of the Tarot.

Her sessions are compassionate, trustworthy, intuitive, articulate, ethereal, and deeply symbolic.

In addition, to her deep love of the mystical; Jordan Lydia is an advanced yoga devotee and practitioner and healed her spine of scolosis through yoga. Jordan Lydia is a Yin, Hatha 26&2 and Advanced Hatha 84 Yoga Teacher. Jordan Lydia has demonstrated in Yoga Asana Championships for over seven (7) years and placed fourth nationally in 2019.

Most importantly her two little furry feline lords (Monet and Virgil) will probably make an appearance in your session!

Archetypal Card: The World

Signature Deck: Rider Waite Tarot Deck


Where to begin about the magical, angelic Jordan and her ability to tune into the spiritual whispers of the world…

First off, it should be said that some people, when reading tarot cards or helping with magic, lean towards the scary and fearful side of things. This is never helpful and I personally believe it is damaging. The reason I trust Jordan and look towards here when I need help reaching my subconscious, is because she is full of love and positivity. She takes something that could easily be translated with darkness and she shines bright light into it and shares it with you. It is extremely healing and empowering. And for that, I am very thankful for her. 

Jordan also provides a sense of communion and community when she helps you with manifesting what your heart most desires. When I wanted to get pregnant with my second child, her tarot card readings and spells empowered me to claim what my heart desired and also really feel it in my bones that I deserved the best experience in all ways. It also really helped me truly trust the universe and God-that I was co-creating with my higher power. She helped me stay on the path, always reminding me of who I am and to trust. In the end, I experienced the BEST birth of my second child. As I was delivering him and the radiation of my body opening up was testing me, I literally felt something, whether it was Jordan or my prayers or God or the spirit of my child, carry me. I saw Jordan’s energy in my mind’s eye. I was an Empress, as Jordan had help me claim. I felt the waves of my ancestors and every woman who has every given birth, carry me over the finish line and as my baby boy was placed in my arms.  Whether you believe in all of this or not, there is something to be said about my experience and Jordan’s role in it. She is a portal to love and positivity and she helps me feel connected to myself and my higher being.

Sarah H.



Available for:

Conscious Creation Collaboration

Tarot Readings

Group Gatherings



Private Yoga Sessions

Kirkland, WA



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