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Yoga, Tarot, Energy

Are you seeking spiritual counsel for your life, love, health, wealth, relationships, or purpose? Do you want to access your innate supernatural power to perform magic, miracles, and manifestations in your own life?

I, Jordan Lydia, firmly believe that EVERYONE is absolutely limitless and has the ability to perform miracles for yourself and your loved ones!

You don’t need to be a victim of your past; you can transcend your limitations and rise up a prophet or prophetess of your world!

Let me help guide you through the dimensions to a limitless and supernatural life! 

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TIME: 6:30am-7:15am PST (30 min. meditation & 15 min. q&a)

ZOOM ID: 848 3140 8375


For those who have experienced trauma and the dissociating effects on the body. 


As someone who struggled to come “home to my body” after several traumatic events - I found that traditional meditation practices focus on the level of the mind: thinking/mentalism/thoughts – which can be very effective if we feel “safe” in our body.


However, trauma can get stored as suppressed energy, samaskaras, or emotional disturbance in the energy field, the nervous system, and the body; this can make traditional meditation practices difficult, because it doesn’t address the level of sensation/energy.  


Coming back into the body and awareness of sensation increases our capacity to receive love, abundance and success in our lives. Expansiveness in our energy fields and bodies and safety in the nervous systems allow us to be able to receive more wonderful things in life as our bodies are the conduit for consciousness.

You will learn: 

-how to be safe to connect to your emotions and sensations in the body – without the fear of overwhelming the system.

-changing from your self-awareness/observation from shameful awareness to loving/compassionate awareness. 

-how to discharge thoughts at the level of sensation in the body.

-how to align your energy to feel safe to receive love, abundance, success.

-embodiment meditations.

-awareness meditation techniques: ability to identify the vibration of problem and the corresponding vibration of the solution in the body.

-techniques for releasing suppressed/stuck emotions: anger, grief, sadness, fear, etc.

-stepping out of identification with emotions.

-ability to observe the emotion as a sensation or energy attached to a belief, thought, and story. 

-recognizing when you are approaching upper limits in yourself and how to expand into increased limitlessness.

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It was my first ever Reiki experience. I met Jordan while taking her Yin Yoga class. Her calming sweet sensitive voice that is so welcoming in her yoga classes added  to the great experience of her Reiki practice. She asked me at the beginning if I had any issues going on with my body. I said no but after she began I forgot to tell her that my arthritis in my knees had been getting worse lately (maybe the change in the weather) and I was having issues with my digestive system as I have a hiatal hernia. What was so amazing to me is that the first thing she touched were my knees! She spent quite a bit of time with them and later much to my surprise on my hernia. She even put a stone directly on my hernia! I felt she’s mastered her intuitive gift to find the areas of the body that need attention the most. At the end of my session she used the singing bowl as I lie in meditation. That was a really sweet way to end my first Reiki experience.  Listening to my body later that night I felt very calm and a deep sense of peace. Jordan is really gifted and I feel she’s found her true calling. 

Special Soul



What is Magic or Kamasavayita?

It’s the highest yogi siddhi or mystic power, which is magic. The power of Kamasavayita, the ability to perform magic, miracles, manifestations; either through the natural world or the mystical miraculous realm.

The subconscious is the root and source of ALL manifestations in the conscious world of creation. The conscious mind can be used to recreate, reform, and resurrect the subconscious mind – allowing access to a life of limitless possibilities and limitless dimensions.


The language of the subconscious is imagination: symbols, shapes, and imagery. 4D divination tools such as tarot readings, spell work, scripting, intentions, incantations, visualizations, and rituals are used to focus the conscious mind to access the subconscious. These tools allow the 5D world of imagination to shift the 3D reality!

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Why be superior, when you can be supernatural?

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Cosmic Conscious Creation Tarot

Use the mystical offerings of the occult to support the cosmic conscious creation of your limitless and supernatural life! Support the "speaking into existence" anything your heart desires (life, love, health, wealth, relationships or purpose, etc.)


"The Prophetess"

Online Tarot Reading


-30-minute online reading

-Cosmic Conscious Creation Collaboration

-Link to video recording session


"The Empress"

Online Tarot Reading + Personalized Sleep Meditation Track


-30-Minute online reading

-Cosmic Conscious Creation Collaboration

-8-hour Personalized Sleep Meditation Track: Instantly dissolve limiting beliefs while you dream

-Link to video recording session


"The High Priestess"

In-Person Tarot Reading


-30-Minute in-person reading

-Cosmic Conscious Creation Collaboration

-Audio recording of session


"The Lunar Witch"



Spells operate through the power of suggestion. Request a spell to support your intention life, love, health, wealth, relationships, or purpose, etc. Spellwork can also be performed for purifying and protecting physical spaces. 

Spellwork is performed on the New Moon and the Full Moon. 


"The Coven"

Group Gatherings


Invite the Love Sorceress, Jordan Lydia, as a tarot reader for your gathering, event, or party!

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Yoga & Energy

Transformation of consciousness through movement. Support the "moving into existence" anything your heart desires (life, love, health, wealth, relationships or purpose, etc.)

"The Goddess"



-Certified Level 1 & 2 Reiki Practitioner

-Reiki is an energy healing technique that promotes relaxation, reduces stress and anxiety through gentle touch.

-1-Hour in-person or remote Reiki session



"The Triple Goddess"

Private Yoga Session


-1-hour online or in-person private yoga session

-Transform your health or unlock your dream postures!

-Link to video recording of session

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"The Sorceress"

Yoga Teacher Mentorship


Mentorship for already trained yoga teachers. Transform yourself from a shrinking violet to commanding the undivided attention of your students. Polish and perfect your craft, authentic to your personality, captivate your students with your words (e.g. incantations). 

Deepen your history, philosophy, and technique in Yin Yoga or Ghosh Yoga lineages. 

-1-hour online or in-person private mentorship session
-Link to video recording of session
-On-going support
-Feedback review of 1 your classes (audio recording or in-person) included with each session

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Magic School

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