About Jordan Lydia

Jordan Lydia began dream-playing with the 4D divination tools during an intense life transition - looking for guidance and inspiration – her mind began to fill with wonder as the universe played with her, unveiling: themes, archetypes, images, and symbols from her cards into the 3D material world.  

spiritual alchemist, clairaudient, intuitive, lunar-sea witch, Reiki practitioner; Jordan Lydia combines the occult and spiritual realm – with her extensive study of art history, humanities, philosophy, archival science, religious studies, literature, psychology, yoga, and Eastern healing practices. This allows her to fully illuminate the rich esoteric symbolism of the subconscious available through the divination tool of the Tarot.

Her sessions are compassionate, trustworthy, intuitive, articulate, ethereal, and deeply symbolic.

In addition, to her deep love of the mystical; Jordan Lydia is an advanced yoga devotee and practitioner since 2012 and healed her spine of scoliosis through yoga. Jordan Lydia is a Yin, Yoga Nidra, Hatha 26&2 and Advanced Hatha 84 Yoga Teacher. Jordan Lydia has demonstrated in Yoga Asana Championships since 2012  and placed fourth nationally in 2019.

Most importantly her two little furry feline lords (Monet and Virgil) will probably make an appearance in your session!

Archetypal Card: The World

Signature Deck: Rider Waite Tarot Deck