Trust in Your Inner Witch

1:1 Witch Mentorship

Learn how to develop mastery of your magical mind and your word as your wand and create your heaven on earth!

Master the "knowing it into existence" anything your heart desires (life, love, health, wealth, relationships or purpose, etc.)

Trust in Your Inner Witch

1:1 Witch Mentorship:

  • Purify to ashes any limitations, past patterns, past trauma that is holding you back from your magical life.

  • Transform your consciousness beliefs, thoughts, and assumptions surrounding life, love, health, wealth, relationships or purpose, etc.

  • Learn how to master your magical powers to speak, think, and know anything into existence. 

  • Develop inner sublime confidence to attract anything into your existence: magical, miraculous, and mundane. 

  • Understand how to use imagination, inner willpower, self-talk over external force and manipulation to create your dream world.

  • Learn how to be treated like gold by anyone and everyone in your reality!

  • Learn how to live in the wish fulfilled until your wishes become externalized in your physical reality and your dream world is natural and normal to you! 

Because You Are Worthy!

Magical Access to the Following:


  • 60-Day personalized "Magical Path" for the transformation of your consciousness.

  • 8-hour personalized Sleep Meditation Track: Instantly dissolve your limiting beliefs while you dream.

  • Personalized motivational video for moments of disbelief.

  • Connect to your divine archetype and empowered archetypal play.

  • (3) 1-hour "Cosmic Creator" tarot sessions to assess alignment with your desires.

  • (2) 1-hour "Triple Goddess" private yoga sessions to embody your beliefs.

  • Ascension ceremony upon completion.


  • Eternal access to Group Chat "Divine Coven". 


  • Weekly group coaching Q&A virtual gatherings.

  • Weekly virtual meditations.

Success Stories

Malory W.

If you were ever curious about trying spell work or affirmation coaching, Jordan is a lifesaver!

Sometimes you just need a little help to truly see what you are capable of. Jordan helped me quit smoking and in turn, changed my whole attitude and outlook toward myself. I deeply value the time she spent with me establishing my limiting beliefs and we got down to my thoughts that really needed some changes if I was going to achieve my goals.  I have a new freedom from something I thought I could never escape, primarily addiction, but the tools she has created for me transfer to every aspect of my world and I am forever grateful for the courage and support she has provided me along the way! I highly recommend giving her the chance to help you push through to find your true potential!